13: Same Old Song and Dancehall

When Rihanna released her song “Work,” one publication described its style as “tropical house-flavored.” That didn’t sit well with today’s special guest, music writer Bianca Gracie, who argued that the song owes more of a debt to the genre called dancehall. In this episode, we listen to dancehall, tropical house, and Rihanna to ask about fairness, recognition, and labels when local sounds go international.

#12: House of the Rising Hanson

Hanson’s “MMMBop”—one version of it, anyway—turned twenty years old this March. While discussing the anniversary in a recent interview, the Hanson brothers revealed that we’ve all been singing it wrong this whole time. In this episode, we take a listen to the mid-90s smash hit to sort out what they mean—and find that this classic has a more complicated history than we remembered.

And a special thanks to Jon Fuller for this episode's credits music. Here's the full playlist of his delightful piano covers.



#11: With a Little Helper from My Friends

More often than not, April Fools' jokes just aren’t that funny. Especially when they’re part of a company’s branding strategy. But this year General Mills bucked that trend with the release of a five-track, Hamburger Helper-themed mixtape—cuts that the internet has deemed ‘fire.’ In this episode, John and Brian talk to some of the MCs and producers behind the mixtape to learn the story of how it was made.

Bonus: Fullest House

In the most recent episode of Tuner, we did a bit where we compared the similarities in feel between Jesse Frederick's and Carly Rae Jepsen's recordings of "Everywhere You Look," the theme song to Full House and Fuller House. Well, we had a little extra time on our hands, so we decided to take the mashup even farther. This is like if CRJ and Frederick formed a one-night-only supergroup, but Frederick sucked a little helium before going onstage, and they both got very slightly confused about what song they were supposed to be performing.

#10: Here, There, and Everywhere You Look

The opening of ABC’s “Full House” is full of memorable moments: the Golden Gate Bridge, the beautiful old house, the family out on a picnic. But most memorable of all is the show’s theme song, “Everywhere You Look.” When Netflix launched a sequel to the show, they tasked Carly Rae Jespen with covering the theme. So this week we take a listen to her version to find out about covers, feel, and listening itself.